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We Lead Your Website Design, SEO and Online Marketing Journey 

Web Design, Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are closely related. I firmly believe that these services should be offered by the same company, or by web design and SEO companies that work closely together. 

How you can improve your website ranking on Google:

  1. Work with your web and SEO company to take a close look at your competitors.
  2. Plan your keywords to great detail.
  3. Have your website designed and built with your keywords in mind. 
  4. Take care of and test ALL technical aspects of the website, including speed and responsiveness. 
  5. Make use of Meta Data. Your SEO and Web companies will have to work together to achieve good results.  
  6. Measure your results. Measure and measure again and be prepared to see changes on your website that improve SEO. 
  7. Consider Pay Per Click to promote your website. Google Ads does not have to be expensive. 
Be sure to give Hello Web Auckland, your top web design and SEO company in Auckland a call before you start on your website journey.

We design and build your website and lead your online journey to create a place for your business that speaks to the people that you want to reach. We inspire them to contact you through your website.

The online language has changed. Reaching your target market through your website and through online marketing channels requires knowledge, time and dedication. That’s best left to experts. Through your website and through online channels we tell your business story in a way that places you in the midst of your best customers. 

Success in the online world is a journey, an on-going effort to beat the others to the top of that important Google Search spot. We assist with building your website, creating relevant content and choose the correct social media channels for placing your work where your target market (and Google) find you interesting. 

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The steps on your Web Journey

We get together to plan
This is where we get to know your business and your best clients.
We work on your strategy
We'll send you a proposal outlining the online strategy and a plan for your website.
We get busy on building
We build the framework for your online presence, website, social media and content.
Elevating your business
We work on getting and keeping your business ahead of your competitors.

Some Nice Words

Since the launch in January 2020, we have received five genuine leads/enquiries from the website. (19 February 2020)
Layla You - Metro NZ Properties
I have not seen a more logical and simplistic approach to websites. Highly recommend Uli for a review of your website.
Kaushik Gorasia
Uli has been extremely helpful; he was calm, patient and responsive while focused on the best way of representing what we wanted to achieve.
Ken McIntyre
I'd like to thank Hello Web and especially Uli for his knowledge and professional approach when developing my website.
Uli is an amazing, very approachable, affable and experienced web designer. His professionalism is without question.
Aurora Ward
A great help with my website - a very patient teacher and enthusiastic expert! Thanks Uli 🙂
Liz Lindsay
I talked to Uli today after a potentially disastrous mistake I had made. He kept me calm, and helped me out. I thoroughly appreciated his kindness and hope to work with him very soon. Many thanks again.
Kate Asplin
Super professional, open minded and what is most important they know what they are doing!
Marcin - BusyBody

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